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...but all the mics still smell like beer
      and there's still no mom to tell us what we can't do
         and we still have no dicernable social skills
            and most of us are still very scared of girls.

   Now Playing:  Tribute to Penny Moore


All Regular Programming Has Been Suspended, instead we are running a tribute to Penny Chandler (Moore) the host of
Not On Your Radio and a loved friend. Penny left us on Saturday September 27th. Penny, her husband (David Moore of
Just below the Surface) and her son (Unspoken of Game Show) all created very unique and thoughtful shows and
have greatly contributed to the spirit of this radio station. We morn the loss of Penny.


* Every Thursday - Listen to Kink's Rock 'n Roll Revolution from 3 - 6pm

* Folk It! with Little Tommy Saunders, 3pm Tu, W F, Su | 6pm Sun | 8pm & 2am M thru F.

* Just Below the Surface with David Moore, a thoughtful mix of music you know and music you should know.
                                            Show 1: 1pm F | 11am Sun | 6pm Tu | 1am F
                                            Show 2: 1pm M | 10am Sat | 6pm Th

* New studio phone number 734 385 4575

Sweet Annie Join Michigan’s favorite singer/songwriter - Annie Capps, as she presents a special series of performances by our best songwriters. Hear them talk about the creative process as they perform the songs that we have grown to love.

The first Wednesday of each month – 7 pm. Take I-94 to the Chelsea exit (M-52), drive North into downtown Chelsea and turn right just before the railroad tracks.

Join us on Wednesday Oct. 2nd at 7 pm for the second show for this season featuring:
Ben Bedford and Ben Hassenger.

Ben Bedford has proven himself to be a truly inspired and talented storyteller…” according to Arthur Wood (Maverick). With the release of his third album, What We Lost, Bedford establishes himself as a songwriter in the tradition of musical icons ranging from Bill Morrissey to Woody Guthrie, casting individual people in the theater of the American landscape.

Ben Hassenger's musi­cal career started in the cafeteria of Lansing Com­mu­nity College when he was arrested for performing a version of “Smoke on the Water” in various ani­mal sounds. In the early 90’s he joined the popular Lansing-area band Mystic Shake and played with them for 20 years; recording three CDs. Other musi­cal outlets for Ben are the groups Blue Jello and The Ukulele Kings; an all-uke combo. Ben plays ukulele and guitar.

    On The Tracks
    Ben Bedford
    Ben Hassenger

Watch this space for live broadcasts, rebroadcasts and upcoming performances.
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